Weight Loss-Help

If you are overweight and need to slim down, not just for looking great but also for health reasons. It can be hard to achieve this on your own without support. Read more »

Getting Slim

Getting slim or losing some weight is the goal of many a person, they will want to do it and they may buy into a diet program to achieve it, but will they achieve it, will they lose the weight that they want to and if they do will they put that weight back on and then some. Read more »

Weight Reviews

There are weight reviews where ever you turn, in magazines, on the Internet and on the Television. In fact it is one of the biggest subjects that is talked about in the world today, from the vanity side to the health problems it can cause. Yes, our body weight is a very well talked about and debated subject. Read more »

Get Zero Resistance To Your Weight Loss

I am excited about what I am going to share with you in this post, this information could be the one thing that finally helps you to lose weight and keep it off, instead of losing a bit and then putting it all back on again. So listen up and pay attention, you will not regret it. Read more »

Cycling For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Exercise

So is cycling a weight loss exercise, can it really help us shed those pounds and trim those inches from our bodies. I believe it can do both those things, well actually I know it can because I cycle several miles two times a week. Read more »

Diet Success

Is there a way that we can successfully diet, a way we can lose weight without having to starve ourselves and deprive ourselves of the foods we like and the treats we enjoy so much. Of course there is  
Read more »

Poor Diet Effects

Fad Dieting


It is easy to get taken in by the next fad dieting craze, especially if we see that celebrities are seen to be taking part and looking fantastic. But what do these fad diets actually do to our bodies and our health, poor diet effects us more than we realize and I am not just talking about the money it takes from our pockets. Read more »

How Do We Burn Fat

Following on from My Fat Life, I want to look at how the body actually burns fat. It is easy to put weight on, but it can be a big task to try and shift it again. There are so many fad diets around that do not really deal with weight loss in the right way. People go on these diets, lose a bit of weight and then when they come off of them, they put it back on again. Read more »

Everyday Exercise

If we really want to have a great trim toned body, then we know that we will have to do some form of exercise. There is no getting away from the fact that to lose some weight and get our body trim we will need to do some regular activity. In fact we need to make it everyday exercise in some form or another. Read more »

Children And Obesity

Our kids are probably the main concern in our lives, we love them and we want the best for them in all they do in life. Do we ever think about our children and obesity, do we do enough to make sure they do not become over weight and into a vulnerable position with their health. Read more »

Dieting-The Torment

What is the biggest thing to go alongside a Diet ?  Torment;  Yes what do most people do to themselves when they decide that they need to lose weight, they throw themselves into a Diet. Most of the time it is a Diet that they have no chance of Read more »

What Fat Types

If we want to avoid putting on weight or we want to lose some weight then we should stay away from fat. In other words don’t include any fat products in our diets. Well this is no completely true because some fats are good for us and essential to our balanced health and no with the right fats we will not gain weight. Read more »

Chemical Foods

Do we really know what we are putting into our bodies, when we buy the food and drinks that we eat throughout the year. What are these chemical foods and could it be some of the additives in these foods that are causing us to put on weight and slow down our metabolism. It seems to me that there are far to many ingredients that we do not recognize and would not add to our own cooking. Read more »

Weight Loss Program

There is a lot of junk information about weight loss and there are plenty of products that will promise you that you can shed the pounds, most of these will only shed the pounds in the purse department and not the body department. There is a simple technique I want to talk about here that will burn fat away and it is for real. Read more »

Build Muscle Lose Fat

Lets look at building muscle to lose weight and don’t be put off by thinking about huge bulging muscles like Arnie. There is a good reason to build up your muscles for weight loss. But as you get to the end of this you will realise it is not all about weight loss. Read more »

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