Weight Loss Motivator

When we are on a weight loss mission or a get healthy and fit mission then there is one thing that can be harder than the actual losing of weight or the getting healthy and fit plan itself. The motivation to lose weight or get fit and healthy can be hard to keep. Read more »

What Fat Types

If we want to avoid putting on weight or we want to lose some weight then we should stay away from fat. In other words don’t include any fat products in our diets. Well this is no completely true because some fats are good for us and essential to our balanced health and no with the right fats we will not gain weight. Read more »

A Slimming World Or A Free Food Person

Dieting is probably one of the biggest past times in the world, there is no research or fact behind that statement, it is just my opinion, in fact it is probably not even seen as a past time. Do you live in a slimming world or are you a free food person? Read more »

Cycling For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Exercise

So is cycling a weight loss exercise, can it really help us shed those pounds and trim those inches from our bodies. I believe it can do both those things, well actually I know it can because I cycle several miles two times a week. Read more »

The Permanent Solution

If You Have Tried It All

If Nothing Ever Seems To Work Long Term

Then it is time to get the real information that will be your permanent solution to weight loss. I know this can work for you because I know the Doctor that is behind it. The time has come to stop all those different fad diets that never get long term results, stop the yo yo of losing weight and then putting it back on, NOW is the time to change and get real results forever. Read more »

Body Fantastic

Get A Great Body

We all want that body fantastic and we all want to look good when we go to the beach, so what is the secret to looking good in our swimwear. Is it really down to what we eat or do we have to slog our butts off at the gym for several hours a day. May be we have to do hours and hours of cardio or just stop eating so much food, why can’t we just have the body we want without working so hard or starving ourselves. Read more »

Lose Weight By Losing Stress

We all know that stress is something that is not good for our health, so losing stress is a good thing. Stress can cause many different health problems and it is said that it can contribute to gaining weight as well, so to rid ourselves of stress has got to be a very positive thing in our lives. Read more »

Fat Loss Secret

Is there such a thing as a Fat Loss Secret, well according to a certain well known Doctor there is and she has that secret and is willing to share¬† it with you. Wanna Take A Look.. Read more »

Metabolic Weight Loss

The bodies metabolic rate is its ability to burn calories, if we have a high metabolic rate we burn calories easier and quicker than if we have a slow rate. So we can speed up our metabolic rate to aid in weight loss, put simply the more you move the more calories you burn. Read more »

Think Slim

Now we have all heard the phrase think yourself thin, well it can work, but not in the way some might imagine. If you eat 5000 calories per day and you do not do any exercise then just thinking you are going to be thin will not work. Our thoughts are very powerful things, in fact they are probably the most powerful thing that there is or ever will be. So we can think slim with success, done in the right way. Read more »

Weight Loss Program

There is a lot of junk information about weight loss and there are plenty of products that will promise you that you can shed the pounds, most of these will only shed the pounds in the purse department and not the body department. There is a simple technique I want to talk about here that will burn fat away and it is for real. Read more »

Fat Burner

If you are serious about losing weight, then you have to look at what you eat first and foremost. You may have to completely change your diet. You will also have to think about doing some exercise and it needs to be fat burning exercise. Read more »

Some Effort Needed

I don’t want to put anybody down here, I know that losing weight and keeping it off is not an easy thing to achieve. There are a lot of people that have tried so many different methods to lose weight and keep putting it back on again, it is very frustrating. But we all know how to l00se weight. Read more »

Open Your Mind

This post is only for those that are not to stuck in their ways and are open to new possibilities and a new way of thinking. I believe that our minds are the most powerful things in the world, they are complex and can change things about our lives and the way we live it. Read more »

Weight Loss Plan

Lose Weight At The Right Rate

We know we have to do some form of exercise to really shed those unwanted pounds, dieting alone may lose some weight, but will it stay off. Just dieting will not tone the muscles which means if you have lost a lot of weight quickly without exercise then you may well have the problem of excess skin. Read more »

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