Think Slim

Now we have all heard the phrase think yourself thin, well it can work, but not in the way some might imagine. If you eat 5000 calories per day and you do not do any exercise then just thinking you are going to be thin will not work. Our thoughts are very powerful things, in fact they are probably the most powerful thing that there is or ever will be. So we can think slim with success, done in the right way. Read more »

Weight Loss Program

There is a lot of junk information about weight loss and there are plenty of products that will promise you that you can shed the pounds, most of these will only shed the pounds in the purse department and not the body department. There is a simple technique I want to talk about here that will burn fat away and it is for real. Read more »

Fat Burner

If you are serious about losing weight, then you have to look at what you eat first and foremost. You may have to completely change your diet. You will also have to think about doing some exercise and it needs to be fat burning exercise. Read more »

Some Effort Needed

I don’t want to put anybody down here, I know that losing weight and keeping it off is not an easy thing to achieve. There are a lot of people that have tried so many different methods to lose weight and keep putting it back on again, it is very frustrating. But we all know how to l00se weight. Read more »

Open Your Mind

This post is only for those that are not to stuck in their ways and are open to new possibilities and a new way of thinking. I believe that our minds are the most powerful things in the world, they are complex and can change things about our lives and the way we live it. Read more »

Weight Loss Plan

Lose Weight At The Right Rate

We know we have to do some form of exercise to really shed those unwanted pounds, dieting alone may lose some weight, but will it stay off. Just dieting will not tone the muscles which means if you have lost a lot of weight quickly without exercise then you may well have the problem of excess skin. Read more »

Elastic Fantastic

We have available to us plenty of things that can improve our lives for the better. So if you want to drop a few sizes and tone up into the bargain then there are things that are available to you that will let you get your dream body, the one you want to show off at the beach. Read more »

Diet Supplements

The Diet Supplements. There are plenty of them, but are they good or bad? Do they really help shed those pounds and are they any good for our health? Read more »

Do you like Curvy Or Thin

Do you like curvy or thin, which is best. That is really down to a personal choice for both men and women. But should we even be considering what the best is if that were the case, if a study showed that skinny women were preferred or skinny men were preferred then should we as individuals aspire to be skinny because that is the most popular body type. Read more »

Health Benefits-Of Weight Loss

If we are over weight and need to lose a few pounds, what kind of benefits can we expect. Apart from the fact that we will not only look better and feel better about ourselves there are a few health benefits as well. Read more »

Garlic Benefits-To The Diet

There are plenty of natural ingredients that not only have health benefits but also have a positive effect on weight loss. One of these natural products is Garlic and apart from the smelly breathe it can create does taste great. So if you like Garlic then may be it can help you with your Inch-Loss. Read more »

Drinking Calories

If you are looking to lose weight or just control your weight then don’t miss those calories in the drinks you consume everyday. It is easy to forget that what we drink also contains calories, sometimes more so than what we eat. Read more »

Workout The Tummy

What is the most thought about, talked about and worked on part of the body ? Yes you guessed it, the tummy of course. We all workout the tummy in our quest to make it flat, we all want that flat, lean mid drift and most of us will do anything to get it. This is where it can get dangerous as well as expensive. Read more »

Honey Be Good

Lets talk about honey and why it could be a good part of any ones diet. Is honey a kind of wonder food, well you could say that, well I do any way. Honey is one of those foods that you either like it or you don’t, a bit like Marmite, may be not as extreme as Marmite in respect of it distinctive taste. Honey is sweet and can be slipped into a diet quite easily. Read more »

The Joys Of Losing Weight

Is there any such thing as the joys of losing weight, after all if we are overweight, then trying to lose weight can hardly be a joy, surely it is hard work. It can be hard work and obviously the more overweight some one is then the harder it may be to get down to the weight they want to be, although they may have a good start and lose a good amount in the beginning, the rate at how the weight drops off will slow down. Read more »

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