Weight Loss Dancing

I am pretty sure that none of us want to be overweight, we would all like to be fit and lean. So what better way to get fit and trim than weight loss dancing, how much fun that would be. Read more »

Poor Diet Effects

Fad Dieting


It is easy to get taken in by the next fad dieting craze, especially if we see that celebrities are seen to be taking part and looking fantastic. But what do these fad diets actually do to our bodies and our health, poor diet effects us more than we realize and I am not just talking about the money it takes from our pockets. Read more »

Weight Loss And Drinking Water

Does an increased consumption of water really aid in weight loss, there is many that say it does. There is advice that if you drink a glass of water before a meal it will make you feel fuller so you won’t feel like eating as much, I guess that could work. Read more »

Losing Inches or Weight

Most people who are not happy with their bodies or their bodies appearance are not happy most of the time because they are over weight or fat to put it bluntly. So they decide they need to lose weight and they will go on a Diet Plan or invest in some diet pills that promise them that they will lose weight. Read more »

Get A Fold Bike

As we all know to maintain a healthy trim body we do need to do some kind of exercise, it does not have to be a gruelling workout and we do not have to run a marathon everyday. But there are ways that we can get in some great exercise without busting a blood vessel. Read more »

Cycling For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Exercise

So is cycling a weight loss exercise, can it really help us shed those pounds and trim those inches from our bodies. I believe it can do both those things, well actually I know it can because I cycle several miles two times a week. Read more »

Loosing Weight In Your Head

Ok this is a bit of a different approach to weight loss. It may not be for everyone, but it could be worth a try. If you have tried everything to drop the fat but can’t seem to move it, then this could be for you. It could be just what you have been looking for… Read more »

The Joys Of Losing Weight

Is there any such thing as the joys of losing weight, after all if we are overweight, then trying to lose weight can hardly be a joy, surely it is hard work. It can be hard work and obviously the more overweight some one is then the harder it may be to get down to the weight they want to be, although they may have a good start and lose a good amount in the beginning, the rate at how the weight drops off will slow down. Read more »

Low Fat

There is a huge market for low fat foods, are they really lower in anything or are they just a marketing ploy. There has been many stories of these foods being tested and not being lower in anything and in some cases being higher in some things. Read more »

Open Your Mind

This post is only for those that are not to stuck in their ways and are open to new possibilities and a new way of thinking. I believe that our minds are the most powerful things in the world, they are complex and can change things about our lives and the way we live it. Read more »

Different Approach

Most of the time if we feel we are overweight then what do we think the best thing to do is ? Almost certainly cut down on food or try a fad diet. This may work short term Read more »

Body Fantastic

Get A Great Body

We all want that body fantastic and we all want to look good when we go to the beach, so what is the secret to looking good in our swimwear. Is it really down to what we eat or do we have to slog our butts off at the gym for several hours a day. May be we have to do hours and hours of cardio or just stop eating so much food, why can’t we just have the body we want without working so hard or starving ourselves. Read more »

Metabolic Weight Loss

The bodies metabolic rate is its ability to burn calories, if we have a high metabolic rate we burn calories easier and quicker than if we have a slow rate. So we can speed up our metabolic rate to aid in weight loss, put simply the more you move the more calories you burn. Read more »

Weight Loss Motivator

When we are on a weight loss mission or a get healthy and fit mission then there is one thing that can be harder than the actual losing of weight or the getting healthy and fit plan itself. The motivation to lose weight or get fit and healthy can be hard to keep. Read more »

We All Want To Be Slender

Is this true ? Well I think a lot of people do, especially when the beach season is around. We all want that slender toned body that always looks good in our swimwear. It always seems to be so much hard work to get our bodies looking this good. Could there be some help… Read more »

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